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Well...this site is addicting

2009-12-15 18:50:41 by Dj-Dolly

I was planning on leaving because there isn't much help I can get
but, its addicting to me lol
so here I am

Well...this site is addicting


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2009-12-15 21:19:23

A mere hours after I responded to your review and told you to come back, success!!

I'm planning on organizing an NG-wide hip-hop competition with a multitude of events. Check out the brainstorming thread and post any ideas you may have! 126064/1


2009-12-17 10:01:22

So, now your bein a hoe and deleting shit? LMAO!!!! N***a you dun told me on your own post that YOUR NOT A STREET N***A. So therefore your frontin about being a Psycho Thug. I was over South on 26th n Cedar the other day when I told you to be there. Where was you at pussy?? Bitch ass n***a cant even prove himself. I was dere fuck boi. N***a quit talkin shit, quit rappin bout being a thug when your soft ass aint no thug. Quit talkin bout fuckin dead people when the truth of the matter is is that my dog gets more pussy in a day then you can get in a week. Go back to your Gay Strip Club you be twerkin n***az at. AGAIN N***A YOU WANTED SOME REAL BEEF I SET IT UP OVER SOUTH MINNEAPOLIS AND YOUR BITCH ASS NEVER SHOWED UP!!!! HAHA YOU PUSSY MADE ASS BITCH N***A!!!!! FUCK LA CROSSE, WISCONSIN!!! PUSSY N***A!!

Dj-Dolly responds:

you're a sad human being.


2009-12-21 00:31:16

Kane, I told you to stfu with that N shit.

Dolly, check out my track "Don't be fake (Dear Kane)". Think you'll enjoy it

Dj-Dolly responds:

will do, i thought that shit was over tho, between me and them...idk